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Have you tried "Acetoneiso"? It'll convert the DMG to an ISO for you. After that, the easiest way I know of to make a bootable USB is using DD.

The best free download manager 12222: get the files you want, quickly and securely

Another feature is MediaGrabber , which can automatically check for streaming video, music, and Flash files in any browser on your computer. FlashGet monitors downloads in Firefox and Internet Explorer, plus it can scan downloads with your antivirus program and can tell you how large a file is before you download it, which is really awesome. LeechGet is another free download manager but it hasn't been updated since A great feature in LeechGet is the ability for it to automatically open certain file types that you specify.

That way, when you download, say, an MP4 video, you can have the video open in your MP4 player automatically. Also, a schedule can be set to automatically process the download queue at a specified date and time. The Download Accelerator Plus download manager includes a built-in web browser. A few of DAPs features includes the ability to import a list of links via an M3U or plain text file , the option to disconnect from the internet after all the files are downloaded, a virus checker, and the ability to start downloads immediately after importing the links.

Avira Internet Security Suite for Windows

It runs on Windows only. Xtreme Download Manager XDM has a really simple interface, which is helpful when you consider that most of the download managers in this list are flooded with lots of menus and options. XDM includes a download preview so you can take a sneak peak at media files. It also lets you resume broken downloads, limit the download speed, convert files, automatically download files of a certain format, schedule downloads, and run certain shutdown parameters after downloads.

Browser monitoring is supported in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and other browsers. Another option is to use Gigaget.

11 Free Download Managers (Updated July )

This download manager isn't much different than the others from above. Something I like about this program is that you can make the virus scanner only scan certain file types. Plus, the scanner can be any anti-malware program on your computer that's capable of starting with parameters. Share Pin Email. He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire. What We Like Able to integrate with your web browser Supports pausing and resuming downloads Enables bandwidth control Can download whole websites Lets you download specific files out of archives Runs on Windows and macOS Supports plugins for extra features like BitTorrent support.

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What We Don't Like Your antivirus program might identify the software as malicious and block it from installing or being used correctly. Download Free Download Manager. What We Like Can auto-categorize downloads for easier management Supports downloading files automatically if they have a specific file extension Able to check for viruses automatically after downloads Plugins can be installed Supports downloading based on URL variables.

What We Don't Like The advanced download scheduling feature only works through the use of a plugin Few plugins exist for this program Contains ads. Download Internet Download Accelerator. What We Don't Like Setup might ask you to install other programs you might not want. Download JDownloader. What We Like Downloads can be started and stopped on a schedule Makes importing download links easy with multiple options You can view an image before the download starts Lets you download files from password protected websites Downloads can be set up to auto-save to a specific folder based on file extension Includes a built-in web browser to more easily download videos.

What We Don't Like Sometimes seems a bit more sluggish than other download managers. Download GetGo Download Manager. What We Like There's a portable option Can download torrents Has a really clean and minimal interface Integrates with a number of web browsers Downloads can be scanned for viruses Supports scheduled downloads. What We Don't Like Might force you to close down your web browsers upon installation.

Download EagleGet. What We Like You can set up sounds to alert you when downloads are finished Stores website passwords to make it easier to download from them again in the future Starting downloads is easy when you use the always-visible download button Can automatically download files you start in your browser. What We Don't Like Some features are limited because there's also an Ultimate version of the same software. What We Like Shows a file's download size before starting it Downloads from a variety of locations e. Can monitor downloads from your web browser and start them for you It's simple and easy to understand.

You can download FlashGet for Windows systems. Download FlashGet. LeechGet runs on Windows. Download LeechGet. What We Like Can be configured to turn off your internet access after the last download finishes A web browser is built-in, but it also integrates with your regular browser Supports scanning files for viruses Includes a few ways for importing multiple URLs. Since there's also the DAP Premium program, some features are only available if you pay. Use the separate SEB Windows configuration tool to create.

Buttons in the SEB task bar for back to start, reload page, change keyboard layout, switch Wi-Fi network, change audio volume and a display for the current time improve usability in exams. Feature to quit SEB after the exam is submitted by specifying a quit link and placing this on the summary page displayed by your LMS after submitting the exam. Configurable options per exam in the user interface: Size and positioning of browser windows main window with the quiz and additional browser windows can be preset.

The SEB main browser window can be displayed full screen or as a sizable and movable window. Permitted third party applications are easy to start and to switch to autostart together with SEB and by clicking on its icon in the SEB task bar. Prohibited processes and applications can be defined which are closed when SEB starts up.

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SEB contains a list of default prohibited processes too. PrintScreen can be blocked, the clipboard is cleaned when SEB is started and stopped. Security feature which monitors processes and hinders all non-permitted applications to open, become active and display windows while SEB is running. Individual proxy settings, URL filters and server certificates can be used per exam.

SEB config files saved for configuring a client can contain embedded cryptographic identities X. Screen saver and idle sleep are paused while SEB is running to prevent having to enter an screen unlock password before the exam starts. Can save. Configuration files can configure a SEB exam client to show for example a portal page with the current exams.

Configuration files can be used to start an exam with individual configuration like specific security and user interface options, permitted third party applications and additional resources, Browser Exam Key for authenticating these settings and the SEB application to an exam server, Quit Link to close SEB automatically when an exam is submitted etc.

For debugging purposes.

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New " Config Key " feature allowing an exam system to verify that the correct settings are being used. The Config Key can be generated server-side and doesn't change if same settings are loaded in a new SEB version which adds new setting keys the key is forward and backwards compatible. Added settings to disable Siri and dictation. Now blocking Touch Bar typing suggestions predictive keyboard during an exam.

Now refusing to re-enter an exam which hasn't been submitted properly before, for example because the Mac was force-rebooted. This improvement makes it easier to configure managed SEB clients which are used by multiple users. Fixed that SEB in some cases didn't switch off automatic spelling correction. Improved startup process: Now client settings saved persistently on the Mac are not considered at all when starting SEB by opening a config file or config link. Fixed that double clicking a. Fixed modal lock when webpage tries to download a font.

Main features: Support for encrypted SEB setting files file type. You can use the same. Comfortable built-in editor for the platform-independent SEB configuration files, which can also set all additional individual settings for the Windows version. User interface can be customized: Size and positioning of browser windows main window with the quiz and additional browser windows can be preset.

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  6. Main window can be displayed full screen. An indicator shows network activity.

    Free Download Manager

    Supports full screen size on all new iPhone X devices. The Initial Configuration Assistant now allows to search the local network for SEB settings by just tapping a button when an institution supports this feature. Improved information for users in some of the dialogs displayed when configuring SEB and finishing an exam. QR codes can now contain an optional query string, for example to identify a specific user or exam.

    Specific assessment systems can be accessed using Universal Links: A regular web link to a supported system opens directly in SEB. Using deep linking, SEB can open direct links to all pages of a website. This will then allow examinees to install SEB and start an exam on your system with just one QR code. On supported systems, users can log in with their passwords saved in iCloud Keychain.

    The title of the currently visible webpage tab is displayed underlined in the left side menu. Fixed a hyperlink compatibility issue. Fixed a security issue when accessing the settings editor. Use config files saved in the SEB versions for supported desktop platforms.