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Have you tried "Acetoneiso"? It'll convert the DMG to an ISO for you. After that, the easiest way I know of to make a bootable USB is using DD.

If i do factory format or i i will update my device by OTA will lose my root access?? If i use xposed for customize first off all xposed customize the kernel right?? It means i got updates with no worry? My moto is to save more battery and give great look to device.

I heard about franco kernel. It is best? Bootunlocker is safe? Its like towelroot unlock bootloader with one tap and without losing data http: Hey Dallas one last question how can I hide soft keys and get pie controls on my N5. I see the option in GravityBox so what options should I tick. That's one's fairly easy From there, toggle the Master Switch to ON. Then, untick the box next to Enable Navigation Bar. You'll see a toast message saying that the changes will take effect after a reboot, but we'll get to that later. After that, back out to the main screen again and head into Pie Controls.

Tap the Enable Pie Controls entry and select Always. The rest of the options in the Pie Controls section are for customizing the Pie buttons and size and things like that. At this point, go ahead and reboot your phone.

How to downgrade from Android to Android on Nexus devices

When you get back up, the navigation bar will be gone and you can enjoy some of that delicious Pie:. Hey Dallas how did u change your battery bar? It's looks stock but u can make out the percentage. That's another one from GravityBox. It's under Statusbar Tweaks in the Battery settings option. Is there any Xposed module that has different battery icons. Like with more choices.


And what exactly does Greenify do? Is it worth downloading. I am scared if I plug it in overnight it will explode. Since it happened with my last phone where the motherboard short circuited. Please tell me what I can do for this and if it is okay or not?

How to root Nexus 5

Did u update the SuperUser binaries. Same thing happened with me. I uninstalled SuperUser, rebooted, ran towelroot again and then downloaded SuperUser. Then u should update the binaries. If it fails at first, reboot and then update binaries again. Wait for two minutes and open root checker. Wait a few seconds and u should see a pop up saying that root checker wants root privileges. Grant it and root checker will now show u are rooted. Custom ROMs require that you have a Custom Recovery installed, but that can be achieved pretty easily once you're rooted.

Here's a guide you can use to install a Custom Recovery once you've already rooted using this method. It's incredibly easy, no computer involved, just install and run a couple of apps. Root itself will not prevent you from being able to install updates from the notification that appears when Google makes them available.

However, if you change certain system files using your root access, the update may fail to apply. But again, just the fact that you're rooted won't change anything in this regard. Even still, if you make a NANDroid backup immediately after installing Custom Recovery that process is outlined here , you can always restore this backup and regain the ability to apply updates directly from Google.

If you do opt to install a custom ROM, obviously Google updates will no longer apply. Custom ROMs can be updated by flashing the newer version on top of the existing one. Hey all, I have a nexus 5 with KitKat 4. My boot loader is locked on his handset. Can you please help me out here? I haven't got an answer on this through Google: Most of the answers posted online are for unlocked bootloaders and whatnot.

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I'm considering Franco kernel at the moment for better battery life but I would like a hassle free way to update to the L update when it does come to my Nexus 4. I haven't installed Xposed or anything else other than wakelock detectors that might affect system files; just mostly looking to improve my battery performance. Hope someone can assist me.

I have gone to download the towelroot app on both chrome and firefox on my Nexus 4 and on chrome, it brings up a blank tab. On firefox, it opens and shows the text of the.

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There could ba a problem with the link. Try Googling Towelroot and one of the links should be that of the sites.

How to Root Google Nexus 4 (On A Mac) WINDOWS IN DESCRIPTION

Then follow the rest of the steps. I got it. Downloaded the apk to my PC, copied it to the phone, and now I've got it installed. I clicked on the symbol on the towelroot website, and it opened up a bunch of tabs on my phone and went crazy. How do I get it to work? I have a nexus 5 version 4. You can use Wugfreshs NRT. There is guide on this site itself. Might seem complicated at first but not that hard. When clicking the lambda it just keeps opening new browser tabs over and over until you force close the browser app.

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I have the same problem Any helps? I also tried to unroot using the SuperSU I turned it off and back on. I did verify with RootChecker that it is still rooted although it was not easy to root the 1st time. I tried to update my 4. Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you for all your work to try to help us.

Try long-pressing this link , then selecting Save Link As The towelroot webpage seems to be acting up on some browsers, but that's a direct link to the towelroot installer file. As for the SuperSU unroot procedure, it can some times be a little wonky, so I'd suggest giving it another try.

If it takes more than 5 minutes, just reboot and try again. The times I've done it in the past, it only took a couple tries. Thank you so much for such a fast reply. So I pressed the link, and it takes me to the right page Thank you. That worked If you need that info to help problem solve and does not open me up to someone hacking in Any ideas on how to help with that? So I went to superSU and sucessfully uninstalled the root, and then tried to do the update Should I just be happy with the 4.

Or should I put it back to factory reset and reinstall everything? Thank you so much for your help. I can't even tell you how much I appreciate it all. You are the best! Hi Dallas. First of all, I salute you for your patience and excellent replies to every single question. I am facing a small difficulty in the above procedure. I am running on stock Lollipop and I have the apk installed from towelroot on my phone.

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When i open the application to install it, it seems like the install button is frozen. No matter how many times i tap on install, its unresponsive. But the cancel button works just fine. My Nexus 4 just received Lollipop last week.

How to downgrade from Android 5.0 to Android 4.4 on Nexus devices

Towelroot install indicated that "device isn't supported" after hitting the let it rain button. I wasn't able to download the apk onto the phone itself, but had to download to a pc and transfer over. Can you offer suggestions about what I can do. I'd prefer not to lose everything currently on the phone. Do you have a custom recovery installed? Samsung Galaxy S9 Unlocked Smartphone. Moto G6 Play.