can apple mac run pc programs

Have you tried "Acetoneiso"? It'll convert the DMG to an ISO for you. After that, the easiest way I know of to make a bootable USB is using DD.

I went into recovery and did First Aid. Went into single user mode and ran fsck. Please advise! Sounds like a graphic Card Failure.

What’s the best way to migrate?

I had the same issue on a Macbook Pro. Continuous reboot. Had a 3rd party shop replace the graphic card. I ve migrated the content from one Mac to the other succesfully.

Migrating your data from Windows to Mac

But in my new mac now i have two different accounts: the one from the old mac and the new one. Is there a way to consolidate both accounts? This is not directly related to moving files from one Mac to another. Is there any software available for a reasonable price that allows the user to review old files with an eye to discarding or keeping them? I am attempting to transfer data using the external hard drive time machine. I have plugged it in since p. Would you be able to tell me if that is normal and also if possible give an estimate as to how long it can take up to? Thank you so much for your question!

This will all depend on how much data is being transferred and how it is connected to your computer. I tried to transfer my documents word, ppt and excel files from an old iMac to a new iMac. Many of the files are greyed out and inaccessible. What can I do to recover these files? Thanks for any help you can provide.

If so, will all the associated Mail folders on my computer come with it? I am trying to migrate my macbook pro to my new imac.

I even set up a separate admin to fix my problem to no avail. Problem is during migration the screen to replace my user account I already started on my new Mac, I cannot because that option is grayed out. Do you know why its grayed out? It is very possible that an error occurred when trying to complete this.

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How To Restore A Time Machine Backup To A New Mac - Sound Support

I would recommend to try this from the beginning. If it does not work, please contact our Technical Support Team! I also want to make full backups SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner, etc and boot from them if needed, when disaster strikes or whatever. And last but not least, I do not want to destroy planet Earth: I do not want to waste energy encrypting everything by default via T2 chip when I have nothing to hide at all. Making it optional would be the bests approach. Besides, all that forced encryption can make difficult or impossible to repair DiskWarrior, etc or recover precious data manually, Data Rescue, etc if disaster strikes.

I do not want Apple to tell me how to use my Mac. That is why I do not want iOS either. Do not get me wrong, I love the Mac, but the latest Apple moves are not acceptable.

2 Ways To Transfer Files From A Mac To A Mac

I want freedom to decide what I do or not do with my Mac. Options are good, but not forcing people in any direction. I tackled those issues in this article recently. The whole logic board has to be replaced. How many 3rd party repairers are capable of removing such soldered-on components, obtaining supplied of replacements, and replacing them?

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We all rely on backups. If your Mac has T2 chip, you can still boot from an external drive, but before doing so have to enable that in Recovery Mode. But overall, if you want the freedoms which you say, Apple products have always been the wrong ones for you. Apple has never designed or built its Macs to be user-repairable, or to give you the freedom to run whatever hardware you want.

I know, but I think that I did not explain myself. What happens if T2 is active, the Mac does not boot and DiskWarrior cannot repair it since you cannot boot from external drive? I meant that. And as I said, I love the Mac. That is why I do not use the horrible Windows or the ultra-horrible Linux. And by that I mean the intuitive or complicated interface.

My main point was that Apple should not force users into its features, but offer the option to use or not them. Yet another off-topic example is the colored folders that were extremely useful to spot them easily, and now are a tiny color dot that is hard to find when you have many items. That reduces productivity.

Apple does things right sometimes, but not others. And said said, options are good, but only as options to choose or not them. Until then, having a T2 chip and using Secure Boot make no difference to your ability to recover your startup disk. I meant, once DiskWarrior 6 is released they are making progress on that and will release soon, since Apple published APFS specifications in September. So, once these utilities are released, T2 chip may block recovering dada. That is what I meant. As said, it would be fine for me if Apple made optional the use of T2, not compulsory.

That was my main point. Options to choose from are good. Forcing people is not good. Because not all users have the same needs or desires. To some extent, as said, some of these practises may be even illegal, and some countries have already started legal actions against Apple because of that. Do not get me wrong. I support Apple, but I do want it to change some of its policies as well. And making every Mac vulnerable for the sake of a few users is probably not a good move for anyone.

Use Disk Utility to archive the user folder as a disk image

I had an external usb drive with a time machine backup of my iMac. Obviously I could not do a time machine backup restore because of the different drive sizes. Instead I went thru the migration assistant and chose the time machine backup on the external drive. After that the OS would not boot. Then re-ran the migration assistant, I had to first migrate my user folder unchecking those folders that are synced on iCloud like Documents etc.

Then to get my system settings, applications, network settings etc, I ran thru the migration assistant a second time and this time checked everything BUT the user folder. These multiple runs of migration assistant seemed to work.

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I suspect the migration assistant was miscalculating the disk storage so it was trying to write more to the MacBook gb drive than it could store even though I had unchecked things and got it to a size migration assistant said would work. As I write above, you may not need to do any manual steps at all — for many, migration during initial setup should work just fine now. Half the fun of a new computer is an excuse to start over fresh. You end up loading up stuff you need and nothing else.