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Have you tried "Acetoneiso"? It'll convert the DMG to an ISO for you. After that, the easiest way I know of to make a bootable USB is using DD.

A great accessory for anyone with a compatable Mares dive computer.

Bought with Smart Dive Computer

Allows for an in depth review of dive profiles stored on your computer. It is a great addition to your log book, and a quick way to review information about just about any aspect of your dive. The Infrared interface eliminates the need for special connections providing a simple, reliable ultra-modern data transfer system. This product will enable you to display and manage your dive data, and complete the description of your dives by entering additional information. The software is also a useful training tool, with its dive simulator, as well as a valid analysis instrument.

Entry of additional data about the logged dives e. Comparative statistics about your logged dives filters for selectively viewing certain types of dives. Time zone correction, different print modes with preview and graphic processing of the dive profile with analysis tools. Dive simulator, possibility of entering your photo to identify the logged dive. Support for six languages and on-line help facility. PC Interface comes with a 24 month warranty.


This product has a limited warranty of 24 months. Good idea but could not get this thing to work. Dive watch is great but doesn't functionally link to PC. Was this review helpful?

I own a Mares M2 dive computer. I was hesitant buying this, after reading many poor reviews of the previous model serial connection vs USB. But, that done, it transferred the data easily and flawlessly. I think the price is high, but ultimately worth it to get the data out of my dive computer. The free IRIS software is pretty good, and once you get the data into your computer, you can use lots of different software to view and analyze it.

The product took some time setting up, I had to figure out the software installation procedures on my own. The PDf file says to just run a setup progam, there are two, an upgrade and a regular software, there is no indication if the software is a totally new and complete version in the "upgrade" version. In other words, is the software an upgrade or already upgraded? It was just an upgrade so there are two installs, then after that I found out the serial port it had been assigned to, and then took me 5 tries to get the ports aligned.

But it is all done, now and I like it.

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After that, it was pretty easy. It would be nice if the software was a little more powerful - e.

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Even better would be support for calculating gas consumption The dive profile and other info display is easy to use and very helpful. Once you get everything set up it has nice grafts and other charts to view of your dives, but getting it set up to run in Vista is a nightmare the disk that came with it is usless you need to go to Mares web site and get every download and patch they have for Vista and still go in and tell your pc what com port the iris is on but once its up and running it is a usefull tool.

Mares just needs to update the booklet and the disk. Jenkinson Springer, ; that was my inspiration to start this list in See also Wikipedia's List of file signatures. Comments, additions, and queries can be sent to Gary Kessler at gck garykessler.

This list is not exhaustive. Interpret the table as the magic number generally indicating the file type rather than the file type always having the given magic number. If you want to know to what a particular file extension refers, check out some of these sites:. The File Signatures Web site searches a database based upon file extension or file signature. Tim Coakley's Filesig. Additional details on audio and video file formats can be found at the Sustainability of Digital Formats Planning for Library of Congress Collections site.

I thank them and apologize if I have missed anyone. I would like to give particular thanks to Danny Mares of Mares and Company , author of the MaresWare Suite primarily for the "subheaders" for many of the file types here , and the people at X-Ways Forensics for their permission to incorporate their lists of file signatures. Finally, Dr. Nicole Beebe from The University of Texas at San Antonio posted samples of more than 32 file types at the Digital Corpora, which I used for verification and additional signatures. These files were used to develop the Sceadan File Type Classifier.

The file samples can be downloaded from the Digital Corpora website. Permission to use the material here is extended to any of this page's visitors, as long as appropriate attribution is provided and the information is not altered in any way without express written permission of the author.

Amiga Hunk executable file.

Iris PC Interface for Mares Nemo Excel, M2 & M1 Computers Features

See the Unicode Home Page. Mbox table of contents file. NOTE: The next four bytes appear to be the number of e-mails in the associated mbox file. Firebird and Interbase database files, respectively. See IBPhoenix for more information. The Bat! INFO2 Windows recycle bin file. Material Exchange Format file. Possibly, maybe, might be a fragment of an Ethernet frame carrying an IPv4 packet. Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder File.

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See RFC Audio compression format developed by Skype; also used by other applications. Adobe encapsulated PostScript file If this signature is not at the immediate beginning of the file, it will occur early in the file, commonly at byte offset 30 [0x1E]. NOTE: There may be multiple end-of-file marks within the file. When carving, be sure to get the last one. This fi le must be conve rted wit h BinHex.

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The swpackage 8 page has additional information. Thanks to F. Webber for this See the libburnia page for additional information. GPS eXchange file v1.

IRIS Accountancy Suite Support Downloads

Generic AutoCAD drawing file. The next three or four bytes give further indication about the version see also DWG file specifications released by OpenDesign : 0xE 1. AES Crypt file format. The fourth byte is the version number. Windows or device-independent bitmap image NOTE: Bytes contain the file length in little-endian order.

Better Portable Graphics image format. Microsoft Internet Explorer cache file index. DSD Storage Facility audio file.