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Have you tried "Acetoneiso"? It'll convert the DMG to an ISO for you. After that, the easiest way I know of to make a bootable USB is using DD.

Change the Admin Password with Mac OS X Single User Mode

If you leave root disabled you don't have to worry about a hacker trying to ssh or log into your machine as root. Simply knowing the name of a privileged user is half the battle for a hacker. Basically, there is no good reason to enable root and I challenge anyone to give me a reason where logging is an root is needed as opposed to using sudo -s. Even if you did need to actually be the root user, you can with sudo su - which will even give you root's ENV.

Oh, I know this is massively past now, but I spend all day working in SSH onto dozens of customer machines, and we make extensive use of the root user. It's not insane to require an extra - different - password to authenticate for root access.

Log in as the root user

There's good reasons why even unix admins use root instead of sudo, and while it's entirely appropriate to warn the majority of Mac OS X users to not enable root this attitude that anyone who does is a moron and will instantly be compromised is stupid and wrong. From the command line use dsenableroot Note that it can easily disable the root user too. I always enable the root user and set a secure password as one of the first configuration stages on any new system. Then I immediately disable the root account. That way there's a non-default password required for any root account use, and with the account disabled by default it is the most secure possible arrangement.

If any non-root account is compromised, the intruder would still have to guess or subvert a secure root password, instead of finding a password-less root account. I'm fairly sure OS X uses the standard Unix method of setting the encrypted password to something that can never be produced by crypt , so that no password can ever match. If that's so, you don't need to bother While I'm here, does anyone know how to change root's shell? I hate bash: I can see a big reason for wanting to know where the Root is.

That being the problem with Leopard not always retaining Admin accounts when it is installed. While you can easily put a password on the SA account then reboot to change the "Standard" user back to Admin, you might not want to leave Root accessable.

How To Fix macOS High Sierra ROOT PASSWORD SECURITY FLAW! (Step By Step Guide)

Now I know how to turn off the Root user access without having to muck about with Terminal. Perhaps this is no longer needed. Lost your password?

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Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Enable the root user Oct 29, '07 You may have to unlock Directory Utility to make changes. Voila, you can now use the root user, and the 'Other Users' option now shows up on the login window. Insert standard root user warning here -- it's dangerous, you can easily clobber your system, etc. I haven't ever really needed root in Enable the root user 18 comments Create New Account. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.

GlowingApple on Oct 29, '07 Oops, should have read your comment first. Loading page content. Michael Conniff Michael Conniff. Why don't you just use plain sudo?

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Niel Niel. On Mac OS X Server, the root password is the same as the original account's user password by default. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

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  8. Thanks folks! A thousand thankyou's! McJim McJim. I invoked Netinfo Manager.

    How to Reset & Change Admin Password on Mac OS X

    When locking the lock, "are you sure you want to make this change? Window closed. Log in as the root user When the root user is enabled, you have the privileges of the root user only while logged in as the root user. If the login window is a list of users, click Other, then log in. Remember to disable the root user after completing your task.

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