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Have you tried "Acetoneiso"? It'll convert the DMG to an ISO for you. After that, the easiest way I know of to make a bootable USB is using DD.

A good candidate for a library will be mature, widely distributed, well documented, and actively maintained. It should not introduce massive dependency problems for end-users and should be stable, powerful, and lightweight. It should strive to do one thing, and do it well. Libraries that don't meet all the criteria will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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You don't need to know much, if anything, about Inkscape internals to create a useful extension. Aaron Spike, the author of most Python extensions that come with Inkscape, wrote a helpful web page including a series of tutorials on creating extensions in Python Perl and Ruby are also supported. You can start with the Doxygen documentation.

There you can find not only the usual Doxygen stuff but also different categorized views into the inkscape source. In the Documentation section of the Inkscape website you can find some high-level diagrams and links to other documentation that's been produced such as the man page. Historically, this codebase has not been kept well documented so expect to find many areas where the only recourse is to work through the code itself.

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However, we place importance on working to change this, and to flesh out the documentation further as we go. Some developers have found that testing patches is a good way to quickly get exposure to the code, as you see how other developers have approached making changes to the codebase.

Other developers like to pick an interesting feature request or perhaps a feature wish of their own and focus on figuring out how to implement it. Occasionally we also have large scale grunt-work type changes that need to be applied to the codebase, and these can be easy ways to provide significant contributions with very little experience. Getting beyond initial exposure, to the next stage of understanding of the codebase, is challenging due to the lack of documentation, however with some determination it can be done.

Some developers find that fixing a crash bug by tracing execution through the various subsystems, brings good insights into program flow. Sometimes it is educational to start from an interesting dialog box and tracing function calls in the code. Or perhaps to start with the SVG file loader and follow the flow into and through the parser.

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Other developers have found that writing inline comments into the code files to be highly useful in gaining understanding of a particular area, with the fringe benefit of making that bit of code easy for future developers to pick up, too. Once you feel far enough up the learning curve, implementing features will firm up your experience and understanding of the codebase. Be certain to also write test cases and documentation, as this will be of great help to future developers and thus ensure the longevity of the codebase. The latest statistics are available at this page.

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The code is somewhat modular, but less so than we would like. If you're interested in some specific part of the codebase, feel free to ask developers.

Currently we use our own renderer called livarot. We plan to migrate to Cairo when it is mature enough. Most developers work on Linux. However it is also possible to compile Inkscape on Windows; this page provides detailed instructions for this as well as for cross-compiling Windows binaries on Linux.

Generic directions are under the Subversion link on the inkscape sourceforge page. Note, however, that the command given on the sourceforge page will check out all modules of the Inkscape project and all branches of those modules. Note that Subversion supports the ability to move individual subdirectories of a working copy of a module to different branches of that module, so if you want to switch an entire working copy to a different branch, run svn switch in the root directory of the working copy.

Many developers become involved because they wish to "scratch an itch", so of course if they wish to work on a particular feature, then by definition that one will receive implementational attention. This is the primary mechanism by which features get implemented. Inkscape also strives to take user requests for features seriously, especially if they're easy to do or mesh with what one of the existing developers already wants to do, or if the user has helped the project in other ways. If you have a feature that you'd really like to see implemented, but others aren't working on, the right thing to do is delve into the code and develop it yourself.

We put great importance on keeping the development process open and straightforward with exactly this in mind. Inkscape developers are constantly examining other projects and on the look for better interface ideas. The Inkscape developers also seek advice and ideas from other GUI app designers, such as the GIMP crew, AbiWord , and Gnumeric; they've been at it longer and we view them as an excellent source of battle tested experience.

But please understand that the Inkscape interface will, at the end of the day, be the "Inkscape interface". We will strive to find our own balance of compatibility with common drawing programs, wishes of our userbase, good workflow, creativity of our developers, and compliance with UI guidelines. Usually when we discuss interface look and feel, we arrive at the conclusion that, really, it should be configurable so that each user can flip a few switches and get an app that is most cozy to them. However, flexibility should not be used as an excuse not to make tough decisions when they are called for.

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I still find the notebooks to be a very good value, but unless you want to be tied to Staples for buying paper you will want one of these. I noticed that this punch tends to be less expensive than other brands of punches of comparable quality. I have been able to punch the advertised 8 sheets of paper as well as thinker materials including thin cardboard.

The only problem I found is that the two arms can lock down, but the lock doesn't always stay locked. Overall I really like the punch and I have not been disappointed with it. I noticed a lot of requests for a 1-up classic-size version of willhparker's Recipe Jotter.

I made it for myself, thought I'd share. Simple "ruled week on two pages" planner creation wizard for Scribus. It creates an agenda for a given year and a given language in the Filofax Personal format, on a A4 page, three sheets per page. Just cut and punch the sheets, and close them into the binder. Click on it and enjoy.

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This script take a bit longer time to elaborate the full document, so don't be hurry. Take a look at the progressbar at the bottom of the Scribus main window. In the "Eng Update: version 0.

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The standard python module 'calendar. Script for Scribus. It is made to be printed on 8. This week at a glance has 6 columns across the spread, which can be used for whatever fits your needs. The first column on the left has space for things to do during the week, the 2nd column has space to write in the date of each day, and the rest is up to you. Month- or year-at-a-glance with days of the week following a sinusoidal curve.


March-December on 12" square scrapbook-sized paper. Created these pages to track baby milestones for a scrapbook but thought others might be interested in the "wavy weeks" inspired by W. You can generate your own "wavy weeks" string using the linked Google spreadsheet just change the dates in the first worksheet.