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Have you tried "Acetoneiso"? It'll convert the DMG to an ISO for you. After that, the easiest way I know of to make a bootable USB is using DD.

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The Agreements, Tax, and Banking section of iTunes Connect is used to provide required financial information relating to iTunes developer payments and tax withholdings and to track the status of any agreements you have in place with Apple. Before you can release an iOS application on the App Store either for free or for sale , you'll need to have the proper agreements in place and have agreed to any modifications to existing agreements.

Again, this information must be properly set up, in place, and up-to-date before an iOS application can be submitted to iTunes Connect for review and release. Bevor Sie eine Xamarin. Before a Xamarin. This record includes all the information about the application as it will appear in the App Store in as many languages as required and all of the information needed to manage the app through the distribution process. Select the Primary Language.

Bilder von iPhone auf Mac übertragen - schnell und einfach

Enter a SKU number, this is a unique, constant, identifier that will be used the track the application. It will not be displayed to the end user and it cannot be changed once the app has been created. Select the Bundle ID for the application that you created in the developer center when you provisioned the application.

Click the Create button to build the new iTunes Connect Record for the application. Die neue Anwendung wird in iTunes Connect erstellt. One of the most important elements to successfully marketing your iOS application in the App Store is a great set of screenshots and, optionally, video previews. Verwenden Sie dazu Liveausschnitte aus Ihrer Anwendung, die die Interaktion des Benutzers hervorheben und die individuellen Funktionen der App vorstellen. Use actual views of your application running that highlight user interaction and showcase its unique features.

Use application preview videos to give users an idea of what it is like to use the application. Apple requires screenshots and videos be provided at every screen size and resolution that your application supports.

Methode 1: Videos vom PC/Mac auf iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7 übertragen – über iTunes

Additionally, portrait and landscape versions should be provided, based on the orientations supported. Click on My Apps. Klicken Sie auf das Symbol Ihrer Anwendung. Click on your application's Icon. Select the Versions tab.

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Scrollen Sie zum Abschnitt Screenshots. Scroll to the Screenshots section. Repeat for all required screen sizes. Click the Save button at the top of the screen to save your changes. Note: Apple will reject your submission if the screenshots or App Preview Video do not match the current functionality in your application. This section of the iTunes Connect Application Record provides localized information about the application, what it does, any modifications to new versions, keywords used in search and iAd support and any supporting URLs.

Choose a descriptive application name that reflects what your application does. Try to keep it as short and concise as possible.

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Er sollte daher einfach und leicht zu merken sein. Your application's name plays a critical role in how users search for and discover it, so keep the name simple and easy to remember. Pay particular attention to how the name appears when viewed on an iOS device iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Apple empfiehlt Folgendes bei der Auswahl eines App-Namens: Apple suggests the following guidelines when choosing an application's name:. Write a clear, concise, and informative description of the application and its features. The first few lines are the most important and give you a chance to make a great first impression and to draw the user in.

Describe what makes your application special and separates it from other, similar apps. Thoughtful and strategic keywords pertaining to the functionality of your application help users locate your application easily when searching on the App Store. In addition, if your application serves up iAd ads, the iAd App Network uses the keywords when choosing the ads to target in your app.

Apple requires that the developer provide a link to their website to support any issue or questions that a user might have about the application. They also require a link to the application's Privacy Policy which, again, must be hosted on your website. Optionally, you can provide a link to marketing information hosted on your website that can be used to provide more information about the application than is provided in the App Store. Scrollen Sie zum Abschnitt Name. Scroll to the Name section. Tragen Sie alle erforderlichen Informationen ein: Fill in all the required information:.

In diesem Abschnitt des iTunes Connect-Anwendungsdatensatzes wird die eindeutige ID der Anwendung wie von Apple zugewiesen bereitgestellt sowie ihre Kategorien, die Altersfreigabe, das Copyright und die Informationen zum herausgebenden Unternehmen. This section of the iTunes Connect Application Record provides the unique ID of the application as assigned by Apple , the categories the application belongs in, rating, copyright and information about the company releasing the application.

App Icons are no longer submitted through iTunes Connect. They must be submitted through the AppIcon image set in your project's Assets. For more information, see the App Store Icon guide. The App Icon is the face of your application to your users, so it must be memorable and display well at a small size.

Memorable icons are clean, simple, and immediately recognizable. A x pixel image is required for the App Icon that will be displayed in the App Store. Dies ist eine eindeutige Identifikationsnummer, die der Anwendung bei der Erstellung des iTunes Connect-Datensatzes von Apple zugewiesen wird. This is a unique identification number assigned to your application by Apple when the iTunes Connect Record is created. You can use this number when calling several web-based interfaces that Apple provides, including App Store information in your website. This is the current, active version of your application as displayed to the user in the App Store.

One important aspect of discoverability for your application is the category it appears in on the App Store. Categories allow users to browse through a collection of apps and find the ones that they are interested in. Putant numquam sea ea, an nam graeco lucilius dignissim. Sea melius nostrud dolorum ne.

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