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Have you tried "Acetoneiso"? It'll convert the DMG to an ISO for you. After that, the easiest way I know of to make a bootable USB is using DD.

Then create the following folders on the newly formatted drive. After that, extract from the following files from the latest release of syslinux from here and copy them into the following folders. For more information on Syslinux see the Arch Wiki article. Note: This method is recommended due to its simplicity. If it does not work, switch to the alternative method Using manual formatting below. Tip: Find out the name of your USB drive with lsblk.

Make sure that it is not mounted. Tip: To add an additional partition for persistent storage use the slider to choose the persistent partition's size. Tip: If you do not want to install Cygwin, you can download dd for Windows from here.

Créer une clé USB bootable

See the next section for more information. Warning: This will irrevocably delete all files on your USB flash drive, so make sure you do not have any important files on the flash drive before doing this. Note: The Windows drive letters are linked to a partition. To allow selecting the entire disk, dd for Windows provides the od parameter, which is used in the commands above.

Note however that this parameter is specific to dd for Windows and cannot be found in other implementations of dd. Warning: Because the od is used, all partitions on the selected disk will be destroyed. Be absolutely sure that you are directing dd to the correct drive before executing. Reason: The following note may be invalid, the upstream documentation does not mention anything related to PhysicalDrive. Discuss in Talk:USB flash installation media dd for windows. In any of the following commands, adjust X and n according to your system.

All commands should be run in Windows command prompt as administrator. Note: The above step installs Syslinux's ldlinux.

Comment créer une clé USB BOOTABLE de MacOS High Sierra !!

Warning: This will destroy all information on your USB flash drive! Warning: UNetbootin writes over the default syslinux.

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Note: Confirmed that you need to use drive letter as opposed to number. Notes: This is the same method, only Syslinux is installed from Windows. Considering that multiboot USB drive can be used to boot an installation media and it is already linked from the Related articles box at the top, maybe this section should be merged there? Discuss in Talk:USB flash installation media. Tip: Once the installer has completed loading you can simply remove the USB stick and even use it on a different machine to start the process all over again.

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Build the Installer. Automatic USB Maker. Manual steps in Windows. Install and Launch the Chromebook Recovery Utility. Manual steps in Mac OS. Install and launch the Chromebook Recovery Utility. Manual steps in Chrome OS. Install and Setup. Boot from USB. Mandatory Enterprise Enrollment Optional. I'm thinking of using this method to revert back to an older os due to my mac slowing down with Sierra.

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Will I be able to install just Yosemite or el capitan? Without installing previous os upgrades? This way I can have a fresh mac book. Hi, I made a USB bootable drive with el capitan on it.

Everything worked fine. I replaced my old hdd with the guide from this site. My iMac is from But now when I try to boot my computer with the Usb drive while holding the option key I only get a grey screen with a cursor. Any ideas? That's what I do though. With all the other key combinations I end up with a blinking folder icon with a question mark. Could it be the usb itself? Or some other problem? If I did something wrong during the hdd replacement I figure I wouldn't have gotten this far, no? So, it probably comes from the usb key. When you had done it is that the key had the name of the operating system?

If it still does not work, it will be necessary to put back your old hard disk to be able to start your Mac and follow the tutorial above be careful to respit spaces and characters in step 5. I used a PC to make the usb drive. Downloaded the installer from the App Store and then transferred it to a pic where I extracted the.

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I used a programme called transmac. I will see if it is possible to make the usb on another Mac. I know the whole process of making the usb drive on a pc was a detour but I didn't really have any other options Thanks anyway for the help. I'll post back with progress. Sorry about forgetting to post back. I did the whole procedure on the PC again and it turns out I skipped a step so it all worked eventually.

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Thanks again for all the help. I feel like my youth playing with LEGO Technics has somehow contributed for my success, but this site was wonderful in all its simplicity! Give a try on DiskMaker X if terminal failed. The steps you can check out:. Question for you. The step 5 am I copying the os code on the computer I currently have active or am I selecting the one that I am trying to download for the computer I just replaced the hard drive for? Hi Anthony, thanks for the response. Ok, so the example I posted above, I am trying to use for High Sierra, which is the one I downloaded from the app store.

Does anything stand out to you as to what I have posted above?