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Have you tried "Acetoneiso"? It'll convert the DMG to an ISO for you. After that, the easiest way I know of to make a bootable USB is using DD.

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Then, a message came up saying I need to connect to the Internet because there is no login information. I think Origin was the same way. Only Uplay stayed offline throughout the two weeks we were on the road. Even so, Far Cry 3 would have a bit of delay as it looked for a Uplay Internet connection. After a bit, I can resume the game.

How to Make Steam’s Offline Mode Work

I made it a point to avoid using the Far Cry 3 menu if there is no Internet connection because it triggers that delay. To ensure it will work properly, you should perform a series of steps while online.

First, log into Steam and ensure the Remember my password check box is enabled. If you normally automatically log into Steam, this check box is already enabled. Next, go to your Library tab and ensure that each game you want to play offline is fully downloaded. Launch each game you want to play offline at least once.

Steam will launch in offline mode each time you use it until you manually re-enable online mode. To force Steam into offline mode, you can disable your network connection. Mode' is unavailable because there is no Steam login information stored on this computer.

Launching Steam Offline

You will not be able to use Steam until you can connect to the Steam network again. Click here to check the status of the Steam network [OK]" Please help me - how do I get it out of offiline mode. Things to note: The only thing that has changed is that now it gives me the option to create a new account, login to PS3 for the first time, or login to an existing account.

Choosing the third option reproduces the error 3 my computer is full updated 4 when I click to check the status of the Steam network, I get a site with user statistics that seems to indicate everything is peachy keen 5 I have started a support ticket, but no reply as of yet 6 I can log in to the Steam website just fine 7 When I click [OK], the app just shuts down to repeat the error if I open it again and try to. Showing 1 - 15 of 44 comments.

Can I play Planet Coaster offline?

No tips? There are so many forum threads on similar topics but none of the solutions listed there have helped me at all. Someone, please - there's no way to play any of my games and I'm getting very frustrated. I don't think that I've encountered this exact message before. I'm going to do some research on it tomorrow and will post back here as soon as I have more information. Last edited by henryg ; 13 Jun, 9: Gezus View Profile View Posts.

Steam Support

Today I went online for the first time in a couple of months. I installed the updates then thought I would go back to offline mode. After restarting to go in to offline it now says Steam Error.. Could not connect to Steam Network I don't want to connect!

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Chiggedychoo View Profile View Posts. I've got the exact same problem. Tried deleting various files, but so far, nothing works.